Nadine Härtinger

Nadine Härtinger
Der Härtler
Own Homepage:
Riding Since:
7 Years
Best location overall:
Livigno (Italien)
Kössen, Kitzbühel, Hochfügen
Absolutpark, Hochkönig, Dachstein, Steinplatte, Stubai Zoo
Favourite trick:
it depends on my feeling.... sometimes rail tricks and on other days i prefer kicker tricks.
Icetools, O’neill, Rome, Smith, Neff, Pow, Seventyonepercent

Why do you use Icetools equipment?
I feel perfectly protected and safe when i wear the Icetools products. The benefit is you don’t feel the protection gear, you can move your body normally but at the same time you have a great protection.

Favourite or most important Icetools-Product?
Backprotector Evo shield lady

Wakeboarding, Surfing, Longboarding, Beachvolleyball

What drives you in snowboarding/ skiing?
I think i wanted to feel the adrenalin kick. That’s still the reason why i love Slopestyle Snowboarding so much because of this awesome feeling after landing a new trick or jumping a big kicker. And of course the beautiful nature around and meeting my friends motivate me every single day.

Dream trip, where and with whom?
It doesn’t matter where you are, just with WHO.... Known and unknown persons in a good mood and with the same way of lifestyle can make every place to a perfect location or trip!!!!

What do you like to do after riding?
Relaxing and hanging around with friends or do some funny stuff. Normally we have some fun in the swimming pool and enjoy the sauna after a long day. And a good dinner after Snowboarding is also necessary for sure!!!!

How do you prepare for the season?
I mostly go wakeboarding and surfing in the summer season. I try to keep my boardfeeling and check out some new tricks for snowboarding first on the water.

Last words:
THX for the great and reliable support! The Icetools products protect me the most of the time and i feel lucky to have it and i can’t ride without!