Manuela Mandl

Manuela Mandl
Own Homepage:
Riding Since:
Haus im Ennstal and Vienna, both in Austria
Best location overall:
home sweet home :)
Yes, as often as possible and in all conditions. I just like the challenge in technical terrain as much as easy powder turns.
Sometimes nice, especially in spring.
Favourite trick:
straight line;)
Icetools, Völkl snowboards, Ratrax, Bern helmets

Why do you use Icetools equipment?
Icetools just produces the stuff which makes snowboarding so much easier. Bags to travel, boot dryers which one can power in the car, tool kits and snowboard locks, just to name a few…

Favourite or most important Icetools-Product?
My favourite and also most important product is the Evo Shield Lady back protector. It’s light and adjusts to the body very well. One can’t feel it’s there at all, but it protects the spine.

When there is a possibility to get out, I go hiking, cycling and bouldering. I also read a lot and do surf trips to the Atlantic coast of Spain in summer.

What drives you in snowboarding/ skiing?
The feeling when one overcomes a fear and the happiness after another good day with friends on the mountain. Snowboarding makes me enjoy every moment on the snow.

Dream trip, where and with whom?
I’d love to go riding with the ‘big boys’ in freeriding like Ralph Backstrom, Nicolas Wolken or  Xavier de Le Rue somewhere in Alaska.

What do you like to do after riding?
Drink a radler, get home and sleep. (radler=beer+lemonade)

How do you prepare for the season?
It’s very simple: I try to make as much sport as possible. And every now and then I do something risky to keep the adrenaline flowing…

Last words:
Happy riding everyone! And thanks to Icetools for the support!